Are you looking for single moms to connect with??


I found that one of the biggest issues we have is support and it’s hard to actually meet other single moms who are open-minded and willing to do the work to cultivate relationships with other moms who may be in similar situations.

I had the idea of creating this directory as an easy way for you to connect with other moms in your city. Once you have submitted your information, you will be given access to the directory with the password. Please note that this will require a little work from you. You will have to reach out to the moms that you are interested in. This is simply a directory. You can send them a DM saying you found them through the Single Black Motherhood Directory and go from there.

Now… Let’s make these connections happen!!

P.S. Feel free to join other single moms during Single Mom Chat on Instagram Live as we talk about all things single motherhood each and every Thursday night at 8:30PM CST