My Story

Hi, I'm Kim!!

I am a 26-year old working mother of a highly intelligent five-year old. I love self-help books and traveling. I'm committed to lifelong learning, whether through reading or life experiences.

I became pregnant at the end of my Sophomore year in college and during my pregnancy, I often felt misunderstood and that my life could possibly be over... I quickly changed my mindset! When my daughter was two years old, I made the decision to move to Texas from Mississippi, without my immediate family nearby and without a plan. Crazy right? After taking a year off from college, getting a full-time job and keeping my part-time job life got crazy.. I went back to college to finish, still keeping both jobs... I then graduated with those same two jobs but I was comfortable. Imagine that! I finally got tired of working two low-paying jobs and being stuck. I knew failure was not an option so I had to move and make something happen for the both of us!

Fast forward.... 

At the beginning of 2017,  I started listening to single mom podcasts and found that most of them were older, previously divorced, or created by Caucasian moms (which is totally okay).  I have learned a lot from them. However, I did not come across any millennial, African-American single moms that were podcasters. I'm always asked how I do this thing called parenting alone and I have decided that it is time to share my journey and things I learn along the way, via podcasting and blogging, to inspire young, single African-American moms.  Aren't you glad that we are not what happened to us?? We have the power of choosing who we become!!!  

I'm so excited about sharing this journey and looking forward to connecting with each of you!!