4 Major Parts of a Successful Morning Routine for Moms

Do you ever feel like you never have enough time in the morning to do what you need to do?  As a single mom, time is super valuable and I believe that having a routine is the key to having a successful morning.  I typically get up two hours or so before my daughter.  If I fail to get up before her, the morning feels rushed and I'm quickly irritated by all of her whining. Following these things allow me to have some time to myself, get everything done before my daughter wakes up, and make it to work on time.  It eliminates the need to rush, skip breakfast, and speed..

4 Major Keys to Establish a Successful Morning Routine for Moms (1).png

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Set aside time for devotion/meditation

I spend about 30 minutes doing devotion, prayer, and journaling.  I try to keep my devotional book, bible, and journal at the edge of my desk, near my bed, so it is the first thing I pick up in the morning. The devotional book that I am currently using is written by a single black mom called Parent, Thrive, and Win.  If you're looking for something short and sweet, this is perfect for you! It actually starts off with a scripture, then devotion, and a place for you to journal afterwards.  The devotional book that I previously read was Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood.  It's an 11-week study and the writer starts off by sharing a story, then presents scriptures to read followed by questions that you can answer.  This one had longer devotions and is actually created by another mom, for moms, and is not specific to single moms.  However, I still loved it! If you are in the market for a devotional book, I recommend both of them.

 After completing devotion and praying, journaling allows me to dump anything from my brain on paper. Meditation will also allow you to clear your mind.  


When I have a chance, I like to do at home yoga videos in the mornings. It allows me to stretch and wake up my limbs. I prefer to do exercises in the morning to get my heart rate up. However, my schedule doesn't allow me to drop my daughter off at daycare and workout so I started using the gym at work, and I exercise in the evenings for at least 30 minutes. I do think exercising in the morning has more benefits, though.  I'm just not able to do it right now. Figure out what works for you and your current situation! Remember, health is wealth!

Eat Breakfast

It's better for me to have breakfast at home so that I do not have to worry about it when I get to work.  I also make sure to take my (energy) multivitamin to get nutrients.  This allows me to provide the fuel my body needs to get started.  If you're wondering what kind I use.... I use the Nature's Way Alive brand.  I really feel that they help with my energy because I can tell the difference when I miss a day.

Free Hour

This hour allows me to check my email/social media, read a chapter or two of a book, or complete a task that I may not have been able to finish the night before.  It gives me time for me before the noise begins...

What is included in your morning routine? I would love to hear about yours.  If you don't have one, try waking up at least two hours before your kid (s) and see if these things helps.